November 01, 2009

Restaurant Review: Beavers

Can you believe it's November?! Gorgeous weather this weekend - 60 degrees with the sun and slight breeze. Lunch on Saturday took us to Beavers on Sawyer.

This restaurant and "ice house" is a cute little bungalow on Sawyer with an outdoor seating area - where we ventured since the weather was so kickin. I started with a wonderful cup of coffee - nothing like starting the weekend with a good cup of joe. I ordered the Market Garden Risotto with a side of their "Killer Coleslaw. " The risotto was okay. The risotto consisted of carnaroli rice, spring peas, roasted Texas shrooms, smoked tomatoes, sweet corn, herbs and sprouts. It was as creamy or flavorful as I had imagined and wished that I could have tasted the mushroom or corn flavoring in the rice. I didn't notice the smoked tomatoes. Unfortunately, it was not so memorable that I end up consuming the entire plate and still think about it later that day. The Coleslaw on the other hand, pretty darn delicious. I love slaw - one of my favorite sides and this was no let down. It has cabbage and jicama - yum, one of my
favorite ingredients! Veggies were fresh and crunchy and the dressing, oh my, the dressing. The three seed creamy dressing was the clincher. It was sweet with a little peppery kick and it didn't make the slaw soggy. It was just a perfect combination - I think this is giving KFC slaw a run for number 1 spot. If I learn how to make that dressing - coleslaw every night!
Ross had the pork sandwich - double of coure - and ehh, it was way too salty in my opinion. When you oversalt, you really can't go back and do anything to make it better. Homemade chips were okay - not as crispy as they looked.

All in all, the slaw was freakishly good but the meal itself was sub-par. Don't think I love this place and probably will only come back to check out the drinks or if I'm craving a slaw snack.