September 16, 2010

Tso's Recommendations: All the Fixins

My friend, Liz, and I talk about food a little too much. So much that one day, we tried to see if we could not mention food once in our conversation, and we failed miserably.  We simply can't resist talking about what we should eat for lunch, what to make for dinner, menu idea help or about the latest food posts on our favorite food blogs.

Let me tell you about Liz (aka. Elizabeth, Chuk, Bug).  I met her on my first day of college where we bonded over Ben & Jerry's ice cream with a pint each...., Central Market runs, Felicity, fried onion rings, Chandler, Harry Potter, grill cheesesandwiches, Barcelona spring break and waffle ice cream on La Rambla and just simple silliness. Are you seeing a pattern and why we are still friends today? 

She also introduced me to Sassy Radish and Smitten Kitchen, two of my favorite blogs.  I love how we get excited when we see a new food post that we want to try, tell each other and then, not be surprised when the other has already seen it or even tried it. 

When she told me she started her own blog, I did a little cartwheel inside!  So, give her some love as she is now, officially....a food blogger.  Add this to your favorites, follow, do what you need to do.  All the Fixins'.  Go. Now.

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