July 10, 2011

Restaurant Review: Seco Latin Restaurant

Seco was a nice and bright surprise. For those not aware of the restaurant, it can easily get lost to many as it's hidden right behind the Ben and Jerry's on Kirby in Rice Village.  It's a small little restaurant/house with just a handful of tables.  Call and get reservations if you can, otherwise, it may be hard to find a seat during prime dinner hours.  

I had the grilled redfish with chimichurrri sauce served with green beans and rice. It was a cooked well and the sauce was delicious. This dish also comes with a side salad with their offering of interesting dressings - jalapeno cilantro or a tarragon vinaigrette. The tarragon vinaigrette was a first for me, and wow, did I love it. I'm not usually a fan of tarragon and only know to use in in chicken salads, but this was light, refreshing and went perfectly with their simple salad.  They also had this great homemade salsa for the chips. I have a feeling they used powdered white pepper - which is oh-so-good with egg drop soup.  I think I consumed a good two baskets of chips for sake of not wasting the salsa. Right?  

Service was great. They were nice, prompt, filled our drinks, took our orders quickly and dishes came out fairly fast. I can't justify rating this place just yet since I've only been once. However, it was great for my first time and I'll be coming back to try some other dishes. They serve Sunday brunch so that just might be our next visit. Oh, and if you don't try their dessert, walk just a few steps away to Ben and Jerry's!  

Seco Latin Cuisine
2536 Nottingham
(713) 942-0001

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