March 01, 2010

Restaurant (Coffee Shop) Review: Catalina Coffee

I absolutely love coffee.  It's the first thing I make when I wake up.  If I don't have it, I feel off and the day will be the pits.  Perfect morning?  Using freshly ground coffee in my french press, heating up my soy milk in the microwave for a minute so it starts smelling of yumminess, a teaspoon of sugar and then the coffee.  After a quick stir, there's a slight foam on the top and when I take that first sip, I catch myself saying out loud, "mmmmm, that's good." 

I've heard of Catalina coffee through my Houston Chowhounds group where this is always their stop for their coffee crawls.  Friends have also raved about this place.  So, after our Urban Race this Saturday, a good, hot cup of coffee sounded so just right.  I had the normal latte and they even put a fun little flower on top - picture above.  Added a packet of raw sugar and after a few sips, it definitely wakes you up!  Ross had the cortado, which was even stronger, pungent and just made you smile. 

The atmosphere is pretty relax. Don't worry about parking - it may look tight from washington but drive around to the back lot and there's plenty of parking spaces.  It's a small little shop with a few tables scattered around.  When we went on Saturday around 5 pm, there were people reading the newspaper, working on laptops or studying.  The baristas were very friendly and even gave us some more insight on why you shouldn't drink decaf coffee.  Overall, this place is pretty cute. I need to come back a few more times and actually have my coffee there to fully experience the atmosphere. 

So overall thoughts: If you like coffee and tired of the $4 starbucks coffee, you best check this place. Yum!

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