May 05, 2010

Restaurant Review: Reef

Two weeks ago, Ross and I didn't have a particular craving like we usually do, but we weren't planning on cooking either. I proposed Asia Market, which if you haven't been you must, because it's good and cheap! Ross, however, said that he already made reservations for us at Reef. I've heard mixed reviews of this place but I was game - new place!  However, it didn't meet my expectations (especially since I'm a seafood person) and it was so very pricey.  I joked that we could have gone to Asia Market that night for a fraction of the cost.  Surprise, surprise that lunch the next day was Asia Market - hooray!

Reef, of course, is a nice seafood restaurant - bringing in fish from the Gulf and Mediterranean. Decor is very simple and you are seated in an open room with two story ceilings. Surprisingly, it was not incredibly full for a Friday night and we even bumped into one of Ross' coworkers.

For our appetizer, we shared the crab cake on a bed of thai flavored cabbage.  The crab cake was Texas style enormous, had a nice crispy crust all around and big pieces of lumb crab meat.  We also shared the mac & cheese - don't get it.  No bueno. I love mac and cheese and we barely touched it.  It comes out looking like a larger crispy crab cake so we were excited but then we we took a bite - bleh. 
I had the seared scallops on truffled polenta and mushroom ragout. I was pretty much disappointed in this dish. Scallops were okay and not one where I go, oh my, this is delicious.  Polenta was not flavorful and tasted just similar to buttered grits. 

Overall, I give this place a 2 out of 5.  Two appetizers, two drinks and two entrees totaled to a meal more than Marks.  Where at Marks you leave feeling like you had an experience worth every penny, I definitely didn't feel the same leaving Reef. 

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