January 30, 2011

Restaurant Review: Breakfast Klub

Who ever thought to combine fried chicken and waffles?  I imagine a sap sitting at the kitchen counter enjoying the deliciousness of Popeyes fried chicken (because it is the BEST) and wanting something just a little sweet to counter the rich, saltiness of the chicken. Slowly opens up the freezer and oh why, hello strawberry Eggos waffles. Oh wait, that's me... 
In all seriousness, the combination is so great and a little heart clogging but it's much deserved every once in a while.  Went to Breakfast Klub for Sunday brunch (if you call 12:30 brunch) on a rainy day and there was a long line. BUT, that says something if it's raining and people are still willing to stand outside in the rain for 30 minutes to experience another 30 minutes of goodness heaven eating fried chicken and waffles. Compared to any other brunch place on Sunday, this wait wasn't all that bad and well worth it.

It was my first time to go to Breakfast Klub and wasn't sure of the process. You go in, order at the counter, get a cup and fill your drinks (coffee lined up in row from strongest to weakest), get you condiments, get your silverware and look desperately around for an empty table.  The service was ridiculously fast. I got my coffee filled and by the time I got to our table, our food was already there! Amazing!

The fried chicken (either wings or drumsticks) was crispy, flavorful and hot. Even better when you get a little bit of syrup drip over from the waffles on the chicken - yum.  The waffles really isn't anything spectacular but I haven't had a waffle in more than a year so for me, it was quite a delight - and probably what made me go buy eggo waffles in the store the following week, sigh.  With butter, small bit of strawberry and syrup, heck, it was pretty darn delicious.  Also, the serving is huge. I had about three fried wings left over and about 1/4 of my waffle left and I was stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.   They are also known for their fried catfish and that was actually pretty darn tasteful too.

Also, I had the coffee - good, normal restaurant coffee - but wish I had got their house made sweet tea or lemonade. Next time! I'd give this place a 4 out of 5.  Good food, good service, just the wait is a little long and they don't have a big enough "entry" for folks to wait inside.

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