January 19, 2011

Restaurant Review: Korean Noodle House

When the weather dips and you're bring out the scarfs and jackets for the 30-40 degree weather, nothing sounds better than a hot bowl of soup.  Even better, what about hot soup with noodles?  Korean Noodle House is a cute little house, literally a house, with two of the main rooms filled with simple tables and chairs.  They serve a variety of Korean appetizers, hot noodles, cold noodles and hot rice dishes.  If you're wanting bugolgi or any type of korean bbq, this is not the place. 

They provide that perfect bowl of warm goodness - where you can feel that warm broth go through your body.  Hollah!  I've only been maybe three times and to say how good this place is for that hot soup kick/need, my dad brought this place up and wanted to go.  However, I bet it's  probably due to this cute, small container of fresh, homemade kimchi they give to every table.  Needless to say, all that kimchi was gone by the end of the meal and even some of that kimchi sauce was spooned into our noodle dish.

Appetizers are typical. You can get the korean seafood pancake but they also offer these korean noodle-ish dish (picture below). My first time to try these at this restaurant and I'm a fan. It's mixed in this slightly spicy sauce with onions, green onions and they are delicious.  I would say it's a Korean version of gnocchi. See why I'm a fan? My mom even mentioned that she'd be happy with this appetizer for her main dish. Ha! 
We've tried a variety of the hot noodle soups.  Below is the seafood hot noodle and you definitely get that seafood broth.  It's good, but could use a little kick of salt or hot sauce.  I had the beef and dumpling noodle soup (very top picture), which was absolutely fantastic. The broth...oh, the broth. So GOOD.  The actual beef pieces were a little tough and overcooked and the dumplings were fairly good.  Beware, if you take this home for leftover because the bowl is just so darn big, the noodle and dumplings will absorb all of the broth.  Either separate it as soon as you get home or you'll have simple noodles and no soup at 10 p.m. when you have your midnight snack.
Overall, I give this place a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Service is friendly and good. They don't refill your drink as much but with the noodle soup, sometimes you don't need it. Definitely a must for a cold day.

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