November 19, 2010

Epic Fail: Squash Soup

Not everything turns out as good as I hope.  Some are pushed into my fail category because the taste doesn't turn out as harmonious as I hoped.  Some, like the below, are epic fails when you can't even create a meal.  One night, my Twinkie came over to tell me the details about her recent engagement, see the ring and celebrate with some wine.  Squash was in the oven before she even came over and before long, we were talking and time was passing.  A bottle of wine later and a random sniff of the air, I could see a slight smog in my living room (my kitchen has almost zero ventilation...).  Damn!  I forgot about the squash and below is the unsalvageable remains of my attempt at squash soup...  So, don't always follow directions on how long things need to be in the oven.  Check, lesson learned and I'll check often throughout the roasting period but a bottle of wine later should have been a sign...
Dinner is gone so we ended up going out to Block 7 for dinner, which was incredibly good!  It can be pricey but Jen brought a coupon so we had 50 off the entire meal.  Not bad at all.  Order the fries and they come with their own, restaurant made ketchup - delicious!

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