November 10, 2010

Why Deny Yourself Happiness? Asian Noodles w/Pork and Shitaki Mushrooms

My folks made this asian noodle dish for us growing up, and we typically requested it as a must for any holiday meal - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, you name it.  There are a few different ways my parents make this and can take a while to make.  Normally, you stirfry the pork and veggies together, boil and cook the noodles, which you then quickly add oil and toss in the air to cool, then you need to add to the veggie/pork mixture and add soy sauce, seasoning, etc.  Well, my mom found a short/easy recipe to cut the time in half and you use only ONE pot.  How fantastic is that?

So many of the ingredients, you can find in the Asian grocery store - noodles, chinese cabbage, shitake mushrooms.
Asian Noodles
Recipe from my Mom!

1 bag rice stick noodles
2 carrots, shredded
1/2 head of chinese cabbage, shredded
1/2 head of broccoli
6-8 shitake mushrooms, sliced (I used dried shitake mushrooms found in Asian markets, soak in room temperature water for at least 1 hours to soften them; don't discard the water!)
1/2 lb pork loin
3 tsp rice wine
3 tsp soy sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 can (2 cups) chicken broth

1. Several hours before you start cooking, cut the pork into thin strips.  Add the rice wine and the soy sauce. Put in fridge to marinate before you start cooking.
2. Soak the rice noodles in a big pot of room temp. water.  This is to soften the noodles so they cook appropriately. Cut up all the veggies and mushrooms into slices/shreds. 

3. In at LARGE pot, add some oil and add the pork, broccoli and carrots. This should quickly cook since they are sliced so thin.  Next, add the mushrooms and cook for an additional few minutes.  Next add the cabbage and cook for a few more minutes.
4. Drain the noodles and then add to the pot (do not mix!).  Add the 2 cups of chicken broth and cover the pot.  Let this cook for 15-20 minutes.  I check every five minutes and add in more hot water, if needed. After the time is up, mix the noodles, veggies and meat together.  Make sure the noodles are soft and tender. 
5.  Pour the soy sauce into a bowl first. Then, add this in slowly to the noodles to make sure you are not over salting/soy saucing the dish.  Once you've added the right amount (keep tasting), you can add salt (I usually omit and add more soy sauce) and pepper - lots of pepper!  

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