February 26, 2011

Restaurant Review: Marks American Cuisine

Seven years!  Each year, we go out for a nice dinner and this year, we went to Marks, which also happened to be where we went for our first anniversary.  It was even better that I had a $50 gift card.  Yes!

Marks is a darling restaurant in a 1920's renovated church with beautiful architecture - from the side rooms, vaulted ceilings to the spiral staircase leading up to the Alcove for a private dining room. Even better, Chef Cox' food never disappoints us.  So, let's get one with the dishes!

Duo of Foie Gras: If you don't already know, Marks introduced me to foie gras several years ago. I have tried it before, but it was never appealing...until Marks.  For dinner one night, they brought out a free appetizer of foie gras - I actually wanted to decline but am so glad we didn't because now, I always want it when I go to Marks.  Thank you!  The duo was a seared hudson foie gras with a pear and cherry compote and the other was a black pepper scented tourchon with pear butter and apples. Both were divine, but the seared hudson foie gras - hands down my favorite. I wish I had more...

Roasted Wianno Oysters with a ragout of jumbo crabment, shrimp and leeks in a truffle aioli vinagrette. These four oysters were lightly fried but the combinatio of the crabmeat and shrimp made a great combination.

Now, on to the entrees.  I, of course, was tempted to get the duck but that night, I resisted and tried something new.  The lamb was happiness in my mouth.   
Grilled Medallions of Veal with vidalia onion risotto and asaparagus in a Marsala field mushroom sauce. I love risotto, a little too much. At times, seeing risotto complement a main dish will sway me into choosing that. There's just something about perfectly cooked kernels of creamy rice.  Let's not forget the main star of the dish, the veal, which was perfectly cooked, tendor and flavorful.
Walnut crusted Rack & Loin of Colorado Lamb with three color potatoes, roasted squash and zucchini with a basil maderia sauce. One word. YUM!  Perfectly cooked and seasoned. The best part is taking a piece of lamb, scoop it with the basil sauce and add just a bit of the purple potato mash - can't really think of another perfect combination on a fork that gives you such happiness. Comparing this to the veal, I'd go for this dish.  Since the lamb was encrushed with additional seasoning on the outside, it gave it a boost of extra flavor that the veal did not have. 

As for dessert, I think this was the first time we passed.  We were just TOO full.  I desperately wanted their chocolate cake but I knew that I phsyically could not eat another mouthful. 

Hands down, there is a reason Marks is my favorite restaurant in Houston. It never disappoints us - from the service to the food to the atmosphere.  I absolutely love it. If you have not had the opportunity to go, please do!  You won't be disappointed.

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